The Album, Mr. Barky


Karl and Ernest, alias Mister BarkyThe folksy duo
"Mister Barky"
created in 1993 by Ernest Kinsolving and Karl Franzen, played primarily at the Red Rock Coffee Roasting Company in their heyday, and still perform when amply paid or strongly motivated. It's traditional American and Celtic folk music with a wry twist.

One recording of their music still exists, as do the players themselves.

Here are a few sound samples.

Angeline the Baker 363k
Bide A While 696k
Cluck Old Hen 271k
Gravel Walks 613k
I'm A Rover 492k
Old Settler 552k
Saddle The Pony 442k
Some Folks 785k
Spotted Pony 529k
Star of the County Down 971k
Stephen & Herowdes 442k
Storms Are On the Ocean 628k
'Was a Little Oak 1.5M
Twelve Apostles 383k
Wild Mountain Thyme 940k
Wind and Rain 726k

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